Flatmate's Handbook

Currently, information on the topic of flatting provides very limited answers or guidance to better prepare first time flatters, or to help overcoming situations which may arise in this environment. The ‘Flathates Handbook’ provides a detailed, yet creative and captive, option to fill this gap of information. Through discussions with experienced flatters, the book has been developed to share real life situations and scenarios making the content more relatable to its readers. It uses humour and unpredictability to ensure one is more prepared for flatting and to enhance their overall flatting experience. This is the first edition named 'Flathates Handbook' - it is now known as Flatter's Survival Guide. The cover is almost identical so keep your eye out for it in Whitcoulls stores in NZ.Follow 'Flatters Survival guide' on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  @flatterssurvivalguide

The Flatter's Guide to Flatting
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